Here's Celebrities Who Quit  'Being Famous'

1.Cameron Diaz

In 2018, Selma Blair told Metro that Diaz was done with acting.

2.Elizabeth Hurley

In 2002, Austin Powers actress Elizabeth Hurley stopped acting so that she could raise her son.

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3. Sean Connery


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In 2003, Sean Connery retired from Hollywood after his box office flop The League of Extraordinary Gentleman was released.

4. Cary Grant

In 1965, Cary Grant retired from acting to focus on being a father.  He was 62 at the time.

5.Phoebe Cates

Fast Times at Ridgemont High actress Phoebe Cates retired from acting in 1994 to raise her children and to spend time with her husband, Kevin Kline.

6. Freddie Prinze, Jr.

In 2003, Freddie Prinze, Jr. announced that he would be taking a break from acting because "it's just too weird."

7. Howard Hughes

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Filmmaker and billionaire Howard Hughes became a complete recluse in 1947.  Rumor has it that he spend almost four months alone in a dark screening room.

8.Rick Moranis

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Ghostbusters and Spaceballs actor Rick Moranis retired from acting a few years after his wife died in 1991.

9.Lauryn Hill

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Lauryn Hill left the music business for close to 12 years

10.Justin Bieber

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Bieber's last album, Purpose, was released in 2015, though he appeared as a guest on other artists' tracks as recently as 2017.