Here's 10 Behind-The-Scenes  of 'Multiverse of Madness' 

The Eye Of Gargantos Is Based On A Retina Scan Of Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen Had No Idea She Was Going To Become The Villain

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Elizabeth Olsen Learned Plenty Of Fight Choreography But Rarely Had To Land Any Actual Punches

America Chavez's Jacket Has Poetry Written All Over It

The Crew Had To Tie Thousands Of Fake Blossoms Onto Barren Trees To Create Wanda's Orchard

The Actors Couldn't Hear Anything Inside The Illuminati's Glass Cells

The COVID Pandemic Bought The Production Six Months To Develop New Ideas

Benedict Wong Broke Four Ribs

The Same Stage Had To Be Three Different Roofs Of Kamar-Taj

Scarlet Witch's Costume Is Rotted To Mirror The Corrupting Influence Of Her Dark Magic